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Insight Health & Wellness provides an integrated care system bringing behavioral health services to the physical health service system thus creating a complete addiction recovery program.  Using a patient-centered approach, its purpose is to normalize and take the stigma away from addiction and mental health and to promote behavior changes, which address behavioral and physical health disorders.


Insight Health and Wellness uses four core elements to maximize recovery:


2. Population-focused

3. Measurement-guided

4. Evidence-based of the Collaborative Care Model (2016)


Insight Health & Wellness will provide a multi-faceted integrated approach to treating your needs. Integration is more than providing mental health and substance use services.  To build and sustain an integrated care system that achieves results, all facets of the core elements are utilized. This reflects the values of whole health, collaborative care, and the understanding that successful clinical outcomes are everyone’s responsibility. We develop an infrastructure that allows for the full integration of behavioral and physical health systems, which leads to lasting recovery.


“Insight’s comprehensive program helped our son finally find recovery.
— The Smith Family
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