Why did 12 steps not work for me?

"Ugh, 12 step programs, I hate those things, what a way to make me feel like a failure". This is something I hear so often. So why is this the case? For starts the first Alcoholics Anonymous book was published in 1939, incidentally the same year that commercial television made its debut! When we think about how media has transformed in this time, we can safely say that we live in a time where convenience and customizability take precedence when it comes to our viewing pleasure. We can DVR, we can stream, we can even select and pay only for the channels that we want. So why do we not expect the same from our mental health and addiction treatment provider? Why does it have to be a "one size fits all" solution? Sure, that works if that is your size! At Insight Health and Wellness we take a tailor-made approach, adopting a strengths-based focus to guide and assist clients through their own personal recovery journey. This does not necessarily look the same for everyone. For some people, a leap is a better fit than a step. 

Nicola Vincent, MSW

Insight Health & Wellness 


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