Whole Health Approach

It has been quoted that the definition of “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Yet, we see so many people doing just that. I have met many people who have attended multiple residential and outpatient programs with very little, if any, improvement in their mental health state, whether we are dealing with addiction, depression, or anxiety. 

It is tough when some believe that we just need to talk about the issue...process the problem until we can’t. Some believe that it is about finding the right medication and that as soon as they are on the right pill, all of the anxiety, depression or craving will be gone. Even when you hear a commercial that talks about the underlying issue, most only look at the mental health aspect. Recovery requires a whole health approach.  At Insight, we will ask you about your diet. We will ask you about your exercise habit, your sleeping habits, and everything else that may be necessary to help create a whole picture. It is time for a better approach to addiction and chronic mental illness!


Melinda Drake, LCSW (CA, NY & HI), LISW CP & AP (SC)

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