When the Cure is Just as Bad as the Disease

TV Commercials and social media bombard everyone with a fix for every ailment under the sun.  They give potential clients the “buzz” words to say in order to show their need for whatever they are selling; and we all know that their job is to sell; however, when you see on TV or your social media, a very well placed advertisement for what you have searched on the Internet, you are at a very vulnerable spot to believe that whatever they are selling would “fix” your problem. Good idea if the problem is a small one, like hanging a picture on the wall. But to people who are suffering from depression or addiction, these advertisements create such false hope. It is not that simple or easy to manage chronic mental illness and/or addiction.  It takes a lot of work, a want to change, and the dedication to yourself to create a new life that would work for you.

People who have taken Suboxone, experienced difficulties getting off Suboxone. People who have taken anti-depression medication, sometimes find that the medication stopped working, and they need new medication.  It is not as simple as taking a pill, and sometimes the pill creates just as much problem.

At Insight Health and Wellness, we help the client navigate through this maze to find the right balance for their lives to manage chronic mental illness and addiction.


Melinda Drake, LCSW (CA, NY & HI), LISW CP & AP (SC)

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