What does your normal look like?

“It may be normal, darling; but I'd rather be natural.” (Truman CapoteBreakfast at Tiffany's). What does your normal look like? what does it feel like?  It is something personal to you, it is something that is natural, it is fluid, and it is indicative of who we are. No two "normals" are the same, nor are they consistent throughout one's life. My passion, as a clinician is to facilitate solution-focused interventions to help clients identify what "normal" looked like before addiction, and what normal looks like moving forward.

For many, sobriety is synonymous with excessive juicing, impossible yoga positions and an unspoken contractual agreement to be "outdoorsy". Finding a way to fill the void once satiated by drugs and alcohol  through emotional, spiritual and/or behavioral solutions that have been learnt through treatment, therapeutic interventions, medication management and/or mutual help groups are all well established routes to sobriety, but what we must consider is what that looks like for each individual (SMART recovery).  

"I couldn't have been more thrilled with my treatment plan. My individual therapy with Nikki was, and is, something I look forward to every day. Nikki even had sessions mediated with my mother and my boyfriend any time I had trouble with either. My time with Nikki allowed me to see my own self-worth for the first time in years. I am forever grateful. " 

Watching the phenomenal growth and transformation of the outstanding individuals I have the pleasure of working with is the driving force behind adopting a strength-based approach, meeting people where they're at, and having the privilege to watch them grow. 


Nikki Vincent

MSW Intern, Insight Health & Wellness

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