Laughing is a major part of everyone's life, even the most negative individual will have experienced laughter. There are two main chemicals involved in this blissful action - Endorphins and Dopamine. Endorphins are the natural "happy drug" that also increase pain tolerance and affect our emotions. Dopamine is also produced when we laugh, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.  With that in mind, you can imagine my shock and dismay when faced with this jaw-dropping fact from Psych Central. A recent study claims that the third most common reason for hating your therapist is because they refuse to crack a smile! 

As a mental health professional, I can say with certainty that the one universal thing about each and every one of my clients is this,... "Nikki, I just want to be HAPPY".  With happiness being such a fundamental part of our wellbeing, it makes no sense that mental health services go hand in hand with morbidity and morose with a perpetuating melancholic undertone. Why does a treatment plan not include HAPPINESS? Why does a treatment plan not include LAUGHTER? At Insight Health & Wellness we adopt a positive, strengths-based approach. If you don't leave my office smiling, then I haven't done my job. \

We're here for a good time, not a long time. Let's make it count!


Nicola Vincent, MSW


Insight Health & Wellness

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