Our Intensive Outpatient Program Can Provide You the Support You Need This Holiday Season

According to the American Addiction Centers, nearly 20 million people in the United States battle a substance use disorder, including drugs and alcohol. The struggle to seize control of your life in the throes of addiction and dependency is a tough one, but if you’re armed with the right tools and the right team in your corner, your chances of success improve greatly, even when you’re facing the potential landmines of the holiday season.

At Insight Health and Wellness Center, our team of highly experienced and capable mental health experts offers comprehensive services to patients in the West Los Angeles area, providing them with the support they need to get sober and stay sober. One of the most effective services we offer is our intensive outpatient program (IOP), which allows you to stay on your road to recovery while still remaining active in your life.

If you’re worried about the upcoming holiday season and its potential effects on your sobriety, here’s a look at how our IOP has your back.

The holidays aren’t always full of cheer

Even under the most ideal circumstances, holidays can be stressful as you prepare for friends and family to gather and celebrate. More often than not, alcohol plays a large role in these festivities, which is one of the first hurdles when it comes to weathering the holiday season, especially if you’ve struggled with its use.

As well, battling with a substance use disorder can place significant strain on family relations. Visits and contact with distant relatives, can make you feel as if you’re under a microscope during holiday gatherings.

And let’s circle back to the stress for a moment — even the healthiest among us feel added stress around the holidays. But if you’re trying to kick a substance use disorder at the same time, your fight-or-flight response may be stronger, making it tougher to cope.

And while many holiday scenarios involve family and friends, for others this time of year means loneliness, which presents its own set of emotional concerns.

We’ve got you covered

Whether you want to enjoy time with family and friends this holiday season or just get through the time on your own, we offer an intensive outpatient program that can provide you with the support you need. Our IOP is designed specifically to help those who have already detoxed but are in the early stages of recovery.

While detoxification is the first step toward recovery, the early work you do to release addiction’s hold on your brain is critical. And that’s exactly what our IOP program can accomplish through a combination of recovery support tools that may include the following:

Each of these tools can help you successfully continue your recovery work through the holidays while also providing you with additional coping mechanisms.

Don’t go it alone

While the different therapies and treatments we offer are effective, one of the keys to our IOP program, especially around the holidays, is to ensure that you’re not alone. Group support in battling a substance use disorder is critical as you’re able to voice your concerns and fears in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. The fact is, many people struggle to get through the holidays,  and knowing you aren’t fighting your battle alone is key. 

By proactively engaging in your recovery this holiday season through our IOP, you’ll be giving yourself the most important gift of all. 

To learn more about IOP, please contact us at 424-307-5953. One of our compassionate and experienced health care experts is standing by to help keep you on your road to recovery.

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