Music as a Therapy

Most clients agree that listening to music serves as a means of relaxation as well as a way to retreat from the stresses of life that can really bring us down. I’ve heard clients say that they listen to different genres of music when they’re in different moods and that different styles evoke different emotions from them. The human connection to music is powerful and it is a connection that can be enjoyed by nodding our heads, dancing or by listening silently, maybe to reflect on our journeys. Truthfully music has the power to transcend us to places we’ve been, places we long to be, places that scare us even or places that make us feel safe. Music can take us to a place that makes us feel confident and like we are ready to take on the world. 

Have you ever listened to a song and suddenly a memory, a smell or a feeling is triggered? Music is a powerful tool that can unlock hidden aspects of our psyche and can bring awareness to thoughts pushed to deeper corners of the mind, ones we may ignore and ones that may need nurturing they’ve not yet received. Music as a therapy is a vibrant experience or is pensive and profound, allowing us a crucial space to meditate and find much-needed peace in our lives. The key to successful music therapy is the client’s willingness to engage in all varieties and to dissect what each song has to offer. The way to truly engage this therapy most resembles a meditative experience. It must be acknowledged and felt and we must let it guide us through a process of healing from the anxieties, traumas and other circumstances that impact our lives. At Insight Health and Wellness music therapy is offered weekly (or bi-weekly?)in our curriculum because where words sometimes fail us, music can speak for us. 

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