Loving to Death

A few months ago, I confronted a spouse about his role in his wife’s addiction to alcohol.  He had such difficulty understanding how his actions have enabled alcohol use to stay. He loves his wife and deep in his heart, he believes that he is doing what is best for her. Despite the progress that his wife has shown in the two weeks that she attended treatment, I was unable to convince them that she needed to stay in treatment longer. It is so difficult, especially for binge drinkers to see how out of control, the drinking becomes. Family members sometimes don’t see that a few weeks of sobriety is not enough and that a few changes in lifestyle for two weeks is not enough.

I told the husband, that he has enabled his wife to continue drinking, and that he is loving her to death. This is why treatment beyond sobriety is needed. Not using or drinking is just the beginning; a lifestyle change is required for long-lasting recovery. Insight Health and Wellness works to help the client and the family to facilitate that change.

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