Is it Enough to Manage Addiction?

Dr. Cameron (1963) in his article, “Addiction - Current Issues” explored the “management of addicts” in relation to narcotic addiction.  I thought it is time to bring up this issue, as we are, after 54 years, still in the same boat, managing withdrawals from drugs and maintenance of addicts on narcotics. As we have seen nationwide, we have repeated this event in a lifetime (for most of us). Strategies in dealing with the current opiate epidemic seem to also favor old strategies of managing withdrawals and maintenance with more medication available to people. The question is, “is it enough?”

The act of using a drug is behavior. This undesirable behavior to extinguish requires a replacement behavior. Is replacing opiates with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) the silver bullet needed to end the current epidemic? There are numerous self-reports from clients available at different online forums discussing “drug-seeking behaviors” of clients on MAT, and some clients require withdrawal from MAT when it becomes the new addiction.

The strategy of “managing addiction” maybe the focal issue. Addiction is chronic and requires the person to learn to manage his or her own disease (Improving Chronic Illness Care, n.d.). Self-management support needs to be added to the MAT for the client to learn to monitor and problem-solve for themselves.


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