Happiness is a Decision

What is happiness? It is something that individuals desperately seek and crave through the entirety of their existence. But what defines happiness? What distinguishes an individual who would define themselves as happy from an individual who would characterize themselves as unhappy? For the most part, I believe happiness is usually defined by an individual’s outlook and perspective on life. What distinguishes a happy person from an unhappy person is the way in which they choose to deal with the obstacles that they are confronted with throughout their lives. When confronted with obstacles, and even many at a time, it is easy to self-victimize, to dwell, and to pity oneself wondering why the world is so cruel. It becomes comfortable to dwell in one’s own misery because it ultimately allows one to refrain from taking ownership and responsibility for what can be done to change the aspects in their life which are making them unhappy. Speaking from personal experience, for a time it was comfortable to believe the world was out to get to me because that relinquished the opportunity to change and grow in positive ways and to ultimately live lazily and in denial of the fact that I could be happy if I wanted to. It was a significant moment in my life, something that permanently changed the trajectory of my future when I realized that my lack of happiness could mostly be attributed to my lack of constructive coping skills, and my lack of motivation to remain optimistic. I decided it was time to stop dwelling and to take steps towards achieving this mystical feeling of “happiness” that would not be dependent on the way others treated me, or on what the universe threw my way. I decided to change my outlook, and instead of fixating on all the negatives that were currently present in my life, or the negatives that could potentially occur, I simply chose to begin focusing on the positives in my life. I began to focus on achieving happiness independently, in a manner in which nobody could take away from me as it would not be tied to anyone or anything. The most valuable thing an individual can do is to recognize the vast opportunities that are available to achieve feelings of positivity, even if it is temporary. It is vital to have the ability to identify what makes one, as a unique individual, feel positive. Whether it is going to the gym, watching one’s favorite movie, or listening to music. It is absolutely essential for individuals to be able to recognize their personal, distinct coping strategies in order to be able to reduce feelings of negativity when they arise. That, and taking each day as it comes, while letting go of expectations that will drag an individual down. Making a conscious decision to appreciate and spend more time focusing on the positives in one’s life, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, is a guaranteed method of achieving a more positive and fulfilling life. It is a difficult journey to say the least, however once achieved, the outcome is extraordinary. At Insight Health and Wellness, we aim to instill these positive and constructive life skills in the minds of our clients and attempt to aid them in seeing the favorable aspects in their lives, as opposed to solely fixating on the negatives.

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