Family Group

Since I began my internship at Insight last August, I have had the pleasure of facilitating the family group which has aspects of both a psychoeducation and process group. With the psychoeducation piece, clients are able to learn new tools and interventions that help them work through any issues of trauma, depression, anxiety, etc. they have developed as a result of familial issues. The processing piece allows clients the space to understand and work through their experiences with the support of myself and fellow clients. 


What I have come to find through research and experience is the vitality of strong, secure attachments in a person's life. Attachment to our primary care givers are formed from infancy and develop througout our life course as our experiences deepen become more intricate. If our basic needs for food, love and nurturance are not met there will be disruptions during the life course. At Insight Health & Wellness, clients suffering from substance abuse disorders and any other comorbid disorders, have access to evidence based interventions that can educate them about their attachment styles, how these styles have affected them throughout their life course and how these styles are enmeshed with various facets of addiction and recovery. 

Iesha Duncan

MSW Intern, Insight Health & Wellness

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