Failure to Launch ? Insight can help!

Insight's collaborative and integrated, strengths-based approach to recovery helps clients fit the last missing pieces of the puzzle together,....from overcoming adversity, to interview skills, and setting achievable goals. 

Insight's highly skilled treatment team provides the tools and support needed to help clients launch into their new life feeling prepared and ready for their future.

Interventions and treatment modalities offered at Insight:

- Small-Group therapy sessions

- Meditation

- Art therapy 


- Life skills

-  Employment & interviewing skill workshops 

- Field trips 

- Individual one on one therapy

- Relationship counseling 

- Vocational guidance 

What do we treat?

- Addiction 

- Co-Occurring disorders

- Substance use 

- Anxiety 

- Depression

- Personality disorders

It would be nice to focus on the point of convergence the Insight method lands on when looking at the ability to "move forward" and "accepting the past". 

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