Am I psychologically Inflexible?

Cognitive rigidity, psychological flexibility, what's next? Cerebellum chaturanga?!

Although these phrases can leave us feeling bewildered at times,  they stem from one of my favorite evidence-based practices, called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Why is it my favorite? Two reasons;  firstly it goes hand in hand with the strengths-based approach adopted by Insight Health and Wellness with its a heavy focus on individual values and goals. Secondly, ACT pivots on correcting the negative effects from the dominance of the conceptualized past or future as opposed to living in the moment. In short, if we are to be cognitively rigid we "stuck" in the past, we are "fused" to our own cognitive distortions, our negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. "I am stupid, I am no good" . If we are to be psychologically flexible we are able to contextualize the present moment and modify our behaviors to keep in line with our own specific values and goals. Life is for living, live in the now with Insight Health & Wellness. 

Nicola Vincent, MSW

Insight Health & Wellness

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